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Grayce and Gratitude

A Spiritual Feeling

Welcome to Grayce and Gratitude. I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life, yet they do not have access to the information they need in order to do so. My ability to tap into spirit and the passed loved ones of my clients, to touch on important details from past, present and future events enables me to provide my clients with useful information in order to make impactful session. Explore my site below, and see how I can help you improve your own life today.


My Journey

A Spiritual Guide

I have always been a very spiritual person; I believe that the universe and the divine have a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits and passed loved ones. I have been blessed with the gift of mediumship and psychic abilities which allow me to connect with the spirit world. While there are a few different forms of mediumship, I work as a mental medium, which means spirits impress my mind and body with thoughts and feelings that come in the form of 'clairs'. I mentally hear (clairaudience), see (clairvoyance), know (claircognizance) and feel (clairsentience) messages from spirits. I like to say that I act as a bridge between the spirit and the physical world. 

When a client is receiving a mediumship reading, I make a connection with spirit. My connection could be a loved one, family member, friend or spirit guide for my client. As a medium, I provide  evidence of persons who have passed so they are recognized by their loved one receiving the message.


I enjoy having the opportunity to connect my clients with their passed loved ones. My focus is to bring forth awareness of life after death and healing through love, and to teach others how to open up their own potential. I work with my clients in person offering one-on-one readings in my home office and video connections for my distance clients.


- Georgia

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The Divine World Awaits
As a professional Medium, I am pleased to share my gift of Mediumship with all of my clients. Hopefully in my life process, I have an impact on others to awaken their own life goals and aspirations. I offer Mediumship readings to get my clients to see their own life's potential.  
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Mediumship  Reading

Mediumship  Reading

Get back to your balanced self. I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level. These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current issues in your life. Guidance on your life’s path for the better is now possible. Don’t leave it to chance, get the information you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, well-being, and so much more. 


With clients from near and far scheduling sessions, this special service allows clients to connect with their own spiritual guides and loved ones, to form a connection with the divine world. Curious to learn more? In person readings and video connection readings are available. Let’s connect to schedule your reading.

Readings are $110(tax included) cash and e-transfers accepted.

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Let’s Connect

Are you looking for answers, or perhaps would like to receive comfort, confirmation and guidance from your  passed loved ones and guides. Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place. I love helping people and I get great satisfaction from seeing my clients heal and thrive.  Due to the confidentiality and privacy of each reading, a reading is intended for one client. Only friends and family that can join your reading are the ones from spirit. Connect with me today and let your journey begin. 

Working with clients in the Lower Mainland, Langley, Abbotsford, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Vancouver, the North Shore and West Vancouver and internationally.


Conveniently, readings can be arranged via video communication or if preferred, in person

 one-on-one at my home office located in Langley, BC.

I would like to hear from you.  To book an appointment or if you have a question about my services please fill out the contact form. 

I can also be reached by phone or send a text message to

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Grayce and Gratitude
"When you tune into yourself, you will find your soul speaking to you'.
Matt Fraser
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